Our Purpose

Our mission at the Athletic Compound is to create a family community that allows every individual, regardless of fitness level, the opportunity to achieve personal growth and sporting excellence. Ultimately, helping everyone develop as an athlete and in all aspects of life.

What we do

The Athletic Compound is private-based training facility in Adelaide, South Australia that provides training services to people of all fitness and athletic levels; from novice, sub-elite and elite athletes to people who are generally looking to live a better lifestyle. We use evidence & scientific-based practices and methods to help all our members achieve their goals.

Additionally, we are also a competitive Olympic Weightlifting Club team that strives to bring awareness to the beautiful sport and also help teach and coach individuals who are interested in learning and competing at any level.

Jamie Nguyen - Head Performance Coach BAppSci, MSc


Our Values


'Family’ is the crux of the Athletic Compound’s belief and culture which is derived from the loyalty and endless support from team members towards each individual goal. 


Along with ongoing support for everyone’s personal and performance goals, the key is to keep oneself and each other accountable for who we are and where we want to be - including the steps needed to get there. 


All members are encouraged to practice mindfulness, being aware of one’s mind, body and surroundings in a physical and spiritual sense. The Athletic Compound is for athletes to utilise the area to clear their mind and be with the present. 


Coming in with a positive and champion mindset will not only benefit the individual but also your peers. Your attitude towards training highly impacts your performance. We encourage athletes to come in with an open mind to embrace development; you are the master of your attitude.