Olympic Weightlifting

The Athletic Compound is a South Australia - Adelaide based weightlifting team formed in 2016. Our team consist of dedicated, talented athletes of various ages and backgrounds striving to advance in the weightlifting sport as well as promote the sport within the Australian community. Trained under a qualified strength coach Jamie Nguyen, our team trains with individualised evidence-based programming to foster the development of each athlete physically and mentally to achieve their desired goals. Athletic Compound is associated with the South Australian Weightlifting Association who hosts a number of local and state competitions for our athletes.

We welcome everyone of different ages, backgrounds and training experiences such as Crossfit to try out this unique sport which can also complement other sports such as rugby. We are firm believers in training within a safe and warm family-oriented environment in order to optimise athletic development and performance.

Why Join Our Olympic Weightlifting Team

  • Individualised programming- strength/hypertrophy based depending on your goals
  • Olympic weightlifting team training environment
  • Supervised by experienced Olympic Weightlifting Coaches
  • Access to massage, physiotherapy services for recovery, prehab and rehabilitation service
  • Develop physical strength and mental strength
  • Access and guidance to compete in Olympic Weightlifting at all levels

Training Times

Tuesdays - 5:30PM til 8:30PM

Thursdays - 5:30PM til 8:30PM

Friday - 5:30PM til 8:30PM

Sunday - 5PM til 8:00PM



Casual - $10

4 Session p/w - $35

1 on 1 - $65



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